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Logo and Graphic Design Services

Helping you promote your Brand
Your logo is the first impression of your services to families, are you looking a little outdated? maybe now is the time for a redesign or a brand new logo.
Adrienne Peers and her team of designers will work with you to create a brand that truly represents your funeral home.
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Above the Clouds

Peter Maguire, Director

Massey Bros.

Adrienne is a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail & ability to understand exactly what’s required, makes partnering with her so easy. She produces packaging of excellent quality and design, which has helped us to tie the ribbon on our 5 star service.

North Devon Crematorium 
Mark Drummond

Manager & Registrar

Canfly’s owner, Adrienne has delivered a beautiful product in terms of quality and visual appearance – they are stunning and the best possible casket we were able to find. Adrienne worked closely with us on the design and dimensions to deliver a casket that the staff find easy to prepare and the client knows is a respectful way to receive their loved one’s ashes. We delighted to say the least and it is all the more remarkable that this project was delivered during the Covid crisis.

Neil Williams

Ernest Heal & Sons Funeral Directors

As presentation becomes an increasingly important aspect of our business, the bespoke products offered by Canfly Marketing help us to return personal effects and cremated ashes in a manner fitting to our profession.

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